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     OMG, the puppy I received is AMAZING. she is such a hoot too have, I got her at  8weeks (12/16/19), not a day later. I had no name for her when I picked her up  because i'm a first time dog owner but here we are 23 weeks later an She is My  Heart. Her name is Dakota Baby an she as made our family smile ever since the  first Day, I have a Shiba Inu an everyone mistaken her for a Baby Husky..she  gets sooo many compliments on a DAILY im starting too believe she knows she  pretty.... it's AMAZING.
If your looking for a Puppy this Breeder IS THE  BEST!!! they communicate, Very Knowledgeable, By The books, & have great  selection of dogs/puppies.
Jenna made the whole experience a breeze....  she's the real MVP!!!!!

-Lavelle C.
(follow Dakota  via Instagram)
IG: Iam_dakotab


Good  morning Jenna,  

Long  time no talk to. I just wanted to give you an update on Maki. She is absolutely  perfect!!! We love her so much it's crazy!!! Our Vet says that she has the best  temperament of all the Shiva's she sees. Everyone loves Maki!!! I'm sending  these pictures so you can see how much she's grown. Use whichever pictures you  like best, or all of them. She modeled for me on these pictures.😂 It was so  cute! I can't express how much joy Maki has brought us!!! Maki is the absolute  best!!!🐕🐶 We are so grateful for the extraordinary job you did with walking us  through the process of getting her to Florida Jenna!!!! You are the  best!!!!🎉

-  Karen and Kip
Land  O Lakes, FL
August  2019💜

Hi! I just wanted to update you on the puppy we got from you. My girls named him  Milo and he is the best, cutest smartest puppy I've ever had. We just LOVE him  so much. He is so spoiled. He knows how to sit, lay down, shake and roll over.   We take him EVERYWHERE with us...he especially loves golf cart rides. Thank you  again for our sweet boy!

July 2019


"So lets just say that I was extremely nervous about buying a pup online from a breeder I've never met (I'm from Texas). I had been debating and searching for a good breeder with no luck..then I found Prairieview Puppies. I reached out to Jenna about a female Shiba and got a fast response. She sent me pictures and videos of Mandi, (now Zola).. I fell in love instantly.. she answered ALLLL of my annoying questions without ever making me feel like I was bugging her. (which I was because I was super nervous & not knowing what to expect). We texted/talked everyday, she keep me updated with every step. I never gotten a puppy from the airport so I was super nervous that it would be a nightmare, but once Jenna got the ticket she sent me the confirmation and I was able to confirm the flight as well (Huge stress reliever). Within a week everything was done and I was picking up my puppy. She's a sweet, smart, little girl, and gets along with other dogs well. A couple days later I received all her papers just like Jenna said I would. This has been a great experience and thank you again Jenna for a healthy, beautiful pup!"

Layshon, TX

April 2019

"4 years ago I purchased a Bullmastiff from Prairieview puppies, and he is my best friend the most well behaved dog with the most amazing personality and temperament I have ever seen. These are great people who are so extremely helpful and kind. My boy I'm convinced is the greatest god in the world and I wouldn't trade him for anything. 4 years later he is still strong, healthy and just as full of life and energy as he was the day he arrived! Thank you guys so much!! Keep up the good work!"

Dalton, MT

November 2018

*Pictured on the left with his son*

"We can't believe our little Stella, previously Roxi, is almost a year old! She  is the sweetest little pup and we couldn't have imagined bringing her home from  anywhere else. We fell in love with Stella the second that we met her and Jenna  was so helpful and made the entire process so easy. She answered all of our  questions and was accommodating with our busy schedules. A HUGE thank you to  Jenna, without your help we would still be on the search for our perfect pup. We  love her so so much!"

 Jenna & Justin 

September 2018

"I purchased my Shiba from Jenna in June. Faye, previously named Regan, has improved my quality of life so much. Jenna and her family were more than accommodating and they answered all of my questions. They are genuinely nice, caring people and I couldn't be happier with my dog. Thank you so much for helping me get the dog of my dreams and giving me a wonderful experience." 

Dani, NE

August 2018

"I have never purchased a puppy from online. I was extremely nervous but Jenna made me feel at ease and very comfortable! She answered ALL my questions and always made sure to reply back to me quickly. The day I picked up my puppy at the airport I completely fell in love! He has been the greatest joy of my life! He's playful, friendly, loves other dogs and extremely smart. You can tell he came from a good line of well taken care of Shiba Inu's! He has the greatest temperament and loves to cuddle and play fetch! I took a chance in buying a puppy online and im so glad I did! I do not regret it one bit! Thanks to Jenna and the rest of the Prairieview Puppies family for bringing such a huge bundle of joy into my family's lives! I couldn't be anymore grateful! Thank you for everything!"

JoJo, CA 

August 2018


"My son and I are so happy to have Maki!!!!!! She is just the best puppy!!! Jenna  worked with us every step of the way to get her. We appreciate Jenna so much!!!!  Maki is the bestest puppy Ever!!!!"

-Karen and Kip

Land O Lakes FL

 August 2018


"Just thought you'd like to see Griffey (Percy) and how he's doing now. Hard to believe the little guy turned 6 months old yesterday. He loves meeting people and playing with other dogs. I occasionally take him to my Grandma's farm and will 

play with her 5 month old puppy for hours. Now that 

its nice outside we go for walks most days so he gets 

plenty of fresh air and exercise. 

He's an awesome pup!"

Trent, NE 

May, 2017

"I brought a puppy from you guys last august and just wanted to share this picture of my dog I with you guys for your website." ​Jacki, Nebraska ​February 2017

"I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how happy we are with our new puppy, Meg. We renamed her Jubi Lee and she is already responsive to her name after only one week. She is an AMAZING dog! Smart, loving, and such a little pistol. She's had a bit of separation anxiety but we are working on that slowly. She is already sitting for her meals, and we are working on basic commands. She harries the cat to no end, but is not aggressive and last night she and the cat were laying in my lap together. Potty training and crate training is coming along and I think in another week she may have it. 

Our older dog, Parker, is settling in to being the "older brother" and the two are getting along well, although, for an old man, puppy antics can be somewhat overwhelming. At least for now he can jump on the bed and get away for some "alone time." We'tre finding that the things we love and cherish about Paarker seem to be breed related because we are noticing the same behaviors in Jubi Lee-Intelegence, a desire to please, using the front paws like hands, picking up on things quickly.  Perhaps she is picking up those characteristics from her big brother?? Its quite possible that by the time she is grown she will be the Alpha (wink). 

Thank you for recommending the food, TLC. Her stools are perfect and shei s not as stinky/farty as some bully breeds ca be. She is a little "erpy" and if she gets excited, wound up, or stressed she will puke. Not a lot, just a little and i'm learning to read her signals and know when to settle her down before she gets herself worked up. She checked out as healthy with good eyes at her "well-puppy exam" with our vet. He specializes in eyes and our older dog has glaucoma (which runs in this beed, as you know) and we were thrilled with the assessment. 

We couldn't be more pleased with our new family member! We will definitely be recommending your kennel to anyone intereste Boston Terrier or Shiba Inu puppy. Thank hou  so much for bringing Jubi into our lives she's our bundle of joy!!"

FranSesca, Nebraska

January, 2017

"My boyfriend and I live in Omaha, NE and were looking for a Shiba Inu within driving distance and came across Prairieview Puppies! I reached out to Jenna and she was very polite, professional, and honest. She answered every single question I had in a timely manner. After about a week of talking about the dogs, she invited us to her home to meet Milo (previously called Chopper) to  bond with him and make sure his personality was a fit for us. When I picked him up, I got a puppy kiss that hooked me in. He was under 8 weeks so we put down our pet deposit and counted down the days to pick him up. During that waiting period Jenna actively sent us photos and videos, which we appreciated. I've had family dogs in the past, but Milo is my first dog that I have owned myself and the experience couldn't have been more rewarding. The past 6 months have been life changing in the best of ways, as he is truly the most loving and well-behaved dog I have ever had. Leash training is still not 100%, but he knows how to shake, high five, sit, and give. We were very active with potty training and he learned extremely fast. He loves going on walks and  going to the dog park. My favorite thing about him is that he gives snuggles on a regular basis. If you live in an apartment and are looking for companionship, I would really recommend getting a Shiba. I trust Jenna and would recommend that you buy a dog from her. We will be contacting her when we are ready to add another addition to our family!"

Sam, Omaha NE

August 2016


"Hello! Thought I would drop a note about our puppy. Otto turned a year old on April 21,2016 and he has been a joy! He has been a wiggly ball of happiness, kisses, love and humor. He is so smart and has been, all in all, an excellent puppy. He is our 4 year old daughter's best friend and has brought some spunk back to the life of our older Boston. We have, and will continue to recommend working with Jenna when considering a puppy and hope that one day we'll be able to work with her again." Emily Bellevue, NE April 2016

"My husband and I found Prairieview on line searching for a reliable Boston Terrier Breeder.  We couldn't be happier with Jenna and Keith. We received photos of our new puppy with updates on his growth. This is a wonderful family to work with! Our puppy (Rudy) is healthy, playful, and a joy to add to our family. I highly recommend Prairieview!" 

Dave and Carla Spale, Lincoln, NE 

November, 2015

"I bought Maya my little baby Shiba from your family 2 years ago. She just turned 2 on June 6th. She has been a blessing to our family. She is one of the gentlest dogs I have ever met. She has completed a lot of training and is learning a lot of tricks! She is now helping new puppies learn how to play and helps train dogs with poor manners. I am not sure who her parents were but she is an amazing , beautiful, smart, and independent little girl and I just wanted to thank your family. Karlee H  June, 2015